Skater Dude! Some more hair and new skin

General / 07 October 2018

Hi again! Hope you aprecciate it just by looking at it, but anyway, the changes are some more hair, and a better skin shader.

I've been having some troubles with the skin shader but Ema Aguado helped me out ( ). Check his profile, there is only one post but totally worth it! 

I think it is turning out pretty cool, there still some clothes to do, but we're close. 

What I don't totally know how to do, are the eyes, they're suposed to be white, but right know, what I've donde, doesen't convince me.

 And btw, I still have to do the skate...

See ya next time, and keep working!

PS: I've uploaded a decimated version to sketchfab, in case you wanted to see.